I'm helping Debi.

Her daughter has a really pretty name.

I don't see any relation between the two problems.


We have to spend time with Niall now.

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We have great kids.

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Our school is on the other side of the station.

I'm going to cancel the meeting.

Detective Dan Anderson took Linda to the station for further questioning.

I want to marry her.

I'd better be going.


The problem should be solved.

Warn Brandi that Toufic is looking for him.

Suyog put his cap back on.


I really wish you'd do this for me right now.

There's nowhere for her to go.

It's not a good idea.

Ancient Greeks built water wheels to grind grain thousands of years ago.

I'd love to have champagne.

Sundar smiled to himself.

You can't tell me who I can or can't talk to.


I am checking my mailbox.

Every animal cares for its nest.

Morris isn't working today.

He often hastens physical intimacy, much to the chagrin of his dates.

He lived on crackers and water for three days.

They are related to colonization.

They dove in one after the other.

He has a lot of original ideas.

He instigated the riot.


Jianyun is the fastest driver.

The dress is newly designed.

Maybe I gave Jelske the wrong advice.

I don't want you to quit your job.

The dog sniffed the ground.

There was nothing you could've done.

Myrick knew that Rajeev was in danger.

We should learn from those who have gone before us.

Let me explain what happened.


What can be done about it?

Look it up.

He had been working on his novel for six months when we visited him.

April is the fourth month of the year.

You can ask Ron yourself.

Things that you see with your eyes are not necessarily true.

Why doesn't Shean help you?

Terri is always watching television.

The UN has set eight milennium development goals to improve living standards for the world's poorest people.

My brother has died.

Audrey is a heroin addict.

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That's all the English I know.

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Luckily, the weather turned out fine.

I'm not in love with Lorien.

Vishal had no intention of going to the dance with Sid.

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Rain is pouring.


I had my headphones on so I didn't hear Ssi enter the room.


The bad weather will affect the yield.

Gauge queens constantly up the ante in order to assert their commitment to a counter cultural look.

The company decided to hire two new secretaries.

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He didn't do anything except read the newspaper.

My kids used to go there.

Mother bought a beautiful doll for her.


I feel deeply for you.


The tunic has a raw cut hem.

Has somebody a good idea?

We have been good friends for a long time.

Lindsey speaks French perfectly.

You must take care of your dog.

The car is in the street.

Srinivasan was enlarging the photos.

Are you sure you want to put your life in her hands?

Has anyone thought about this?

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I've got something for you here.


Where did you first meet?

This isn't about us.

I'd like to discuss pricing with you.


Stanly sipped some tea.


There's one thing that is bothering me.

I'd better get started.

The score is tied at one.

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Why isn't Nici doing something?

The small company was taken over by a large organization.

Who's worried about Deirdre?


You're wasteful.

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I won't judge you.

If you could go back to any age, what age would you choose?

I thought we were going to your place.

Pratt didn't want to make the same mistake as her sister.

Maybe you should come down here.

All Dan's belongings are gone.

They are the boys of the parish.

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We're open on Mondays.

Don't play around on your way home.

I am Bulgarian.

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I wonder if Sergio plays tennis.

I'm obligated to fix this.

She never wears pants.

Did you make any New Year's resolutions?

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

There's a widespread delirium.

She heard someone calling for help.

Theodore had a funny look on his face.

This is the perfect example.

No less than fifty thousand people visited there.

We're still looking for a house we can rent.

The birds' home is in the forest, the fish's home is in the river, the bees' home is in the flowers, and the little children's is in China. We love our motherland from the time we're little, as the birds love the forest, the fish love the river, and the bees love the flowers.

We want to be here forever.

Doctors recommend eating three meals a day.

I don't know when I'll be able to get back to Boston.

Brandy is becoming more sophisticated.

They went on walking farther.


Some people find this kind of thing annoying.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.

You left this, didn't you?

I worked from six PM until midnight.

I know when to quit.

All this talk has made me hungry.

Cheer up! It will soon come out all right.

In 1997, the world was surprised again when Mother Teresa died.

Rafael banged his head on a tree branch.

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Is there a problem with your order?

Jennifer is very angry with his children.

She has never lived in India.

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Vic spilled his drink.

She thinks the fact that he admits his problem is very positive, and demonstrates that deep down, he wants to change for you.

We are to have met yesterday.

You should be ready for the worst.

We have no salad in the bowl.

Soon you'll be convinced that I'm right.

You're heading exactly where I wanted to go.

Hand me that box of pins.

I didn't think I needed one of those.

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Did you get an answer from her?

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The Earth is smaller than the Sun.

We're running out of fresh water.

We don't even know what time we're supposed to be there yet.


Are you telling me you're not happy here?

I pretended that I didn't know Gail.

Let's go someplace and talk.


I wish that Max would follow my advice.

You eat too much junk food.

I thought you'd be out searching for Lee.

The lagoon's water is cold.

Let me say what I will, he doesn't mind me.


Do I look like your maid?

Many boys and girls were present.

My girlfriend still doesn't know my parents.

Find Casper before he tells someone.

I have to get her out of here.

He's successfully caught the big rat in the kitchen.

Drew wanted Honzo to be quiet.


It wouldn't surprise me if we had the same bag!

No offense was meant.

Marion's father's name was John.

Gregor slept for more than three hours this afternoon.

I'm asking you to give Lois a chance.

Cats are aloof, guinea pigs are nervous, and dogs need constant love and attention.

Today, I want to thank God for all that he does for me.

That's going to take some time.

She has a very good relationship with her students.


Saad sang Juliane to sleep.

We wrote the report together.

Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own.

My mother told me to clean the room.

These days, it rains frequently.