I certainly had no idea Shawn was thinking about getting divorced.


Ro went back to school.

I'm leaving Boston tomorrow morning.

I don't personally know Florian.

She has always done her best to make their life easier.

You look content.

Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves. All we need is to imagine our ability to love developing until it embraces the totality of men and the earth.

Kenneth doesn't like gambling.


I like to think so.

This is a good place to pitch our tent.

He felt perfectly content.

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My eyes narrowed into slits in the strong sunlight.


Please nail the windows shut.

If you want to be on time, you should be there by 11 o'clock.

Pack your bags.

Courtney enjoys watching basketball games on TV.

This morning it was much cooler than yesterday morning.

Pua sang.

I interpreted your silence as consent.

He is pretty private about stuff like that.

They sheared the sheep.

We argued the whole time.

We're just here to play baseball.

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She has taken up knitting in her spare time.

Why don't you go inside?

I'm glad the kids weren't hurt.


It sounds like you've tried everything.

I'll be good to them.

It's no use kicking at an open door.

I'm still worried about them.

I am at lunch.

We only sell top quality products.

He started at the noise.

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My brother lied to me.

The skeptics were right.

It would have been better if you'd never been born.

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If there's something more terrifying in the world than eternity, then it's probably the current progress of my diploma thesis.

What's the urgency?

We haven't done well.

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You will see that everything has become very beautiful and you will be able to present something really impressive to those invited.


The dry leaves immediately caught fire.


I'd like to dance with you.

I was awakened at five o'clock.

Sovereignty resides in the people.

He has a mysterious talisman in the form of an eye.

These oranges have rotted.

It doesn't feel good.

Have I ever told you that I love you?


At your age I already knew how to tie my shoes.

Reid never seems interested in talking about sports.

While I'm translating sentences on Tatoeba, my wife is weeding the garden.

Don't eat!

Nanda made no move to help Shuvra.

Ro is older than that.

Deb was wearing black leather gloves.

When you're beginning to look like the photo in your passport, you should go on a holiday.

Stars are big, because they're hot; when their fuel is exhausted, they collapse.

The sea that we see dancing there along the clear bays has silver reflections ... the sea ... reflections changing in the rain ...

Hazel sometimes wears sunglasses indoors.


They scraped barnacles off the hull of the ship.


Marsha wanted the policy to be changed.

We need a cab.

That plan didn't agree with his way of thinking.

His face showed that he was annoyed.

Most people are introduced to vectors in high school or college.

Has the performance started yet?

Both planes were flying at the same altitude.

A man who lacks resourcefulness is useless.

"I slept in and missed my scheduled interview. I feel like such a nincompoop."

Spock thought the music was too loud, but he was too tired to get up and turn the volume down.

Just get to work.

Miles finally figured out the problem.

I have a watch of Japanese make, which keeps very good time.

She likes poetry and music.

Nancy wondered how good a singer Angus really was.

It takes a village to raise a child.

We didn't reach the summit.

I don't have any food to eat.

I love the Norwegian language!


There's no telling when she'll stab you in the back.

I let her win.

They do many things together.

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The novel gives a manifold picture of human life.

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Tomas wanted to quit practicing law.

Krzysztof always speaks his mind.

We were greeted by a cute waitress.

I need the whole place organized, cataloged and cleaned.

Rahul's blood type is O+.

Mankind will succeed in using nuclear energy peacefully.

She just ate sushi and drank beer.

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Scientists say more than half of Australia's Great Barrier Reef has been destroyed in the past 30 years.


I'm ready to go home.

I translated the article from Spanish into Basque.

They like snow.

I thought I could help them.

Are you done, Olof?

I didn't even get an invitation.

In 1905 Einstein wrote a paper on what is now known as the special theory of relativity.

The system will be introduced after a pilot project.

How does the couch look without the cover?

Money opens all doors.

She tried to go on a diet and lose five kilograms.

It isn't them.

Bjorne was very squeamish and would pass out at the sight of blood.

They had to leave at once to catch the train.

I bet you're right.


My plan failed time after time.


Johnathan told me the same thing.

They trusted Rik.

He has to work hard in order to support his family.


Raghu has worked in Australia.

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Do you have any ideas?

I know you worry about Saiid.

Yea, would to God, I were among the roses, That lean to kiss you as you float between While on the lowest branch a bud uncloses A bud uncloses, to touch you, my queen.

Arnold just waited.

Where in Canada are you from?

Can I bring you anything else?

I used to like folk music.


He is rich, but he is unkind.

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I told Felix you already knew Shyam.

Do you know either of the two girls?

Do you take your tea with lemon or with milk?

Laurie leaned over and kissed Turkeer.

I didn't know that she was ill.

All you do is complain!

This will do for a chair.


I didn't attack her.

All my haste was in vain.

There is nothing to cancel.

What's this all about, Dewey?

I am his friend and will remain so.

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You said you wanted to spend time with Eugene.

That was really important.

I didn't eat anything yesterday.

He was far before his time.

Tessellations have been used to create decorative motifs in both textiles and architecture since ancient times.


There's absolutely no reason not to do that.

The new section chief seems to spend most of his time finding fault with the work of his men.

He showed great skill in skiing.

Jonathan is a potential babysitter.

Go find somebody who can help.


They came to an understanding.

I had him mend my watch.

Medical marijuana is legal in this state.

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Frances is stuck in jail because he can't afford bail.

Kayvan argued with Farouk about money.

I'm glad you told me about Jan.

We have no options but to continue.

You've got paint on you.

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He brought food to his guest and provided him shelter.

I just want to get my daughter back safely, that's all.

Bernard! How nice to see you again!

Anatole doesn't know whether Guillermo is telling the truth or not.

I do like classical music!

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You aren't college material.


I have no idea where you might find Ji.

They found a mysterious city in ruins in the desert.

My brother and I like the same food.

I love carrots!

I told Damone he should buy a new car.


You don't like love stories, do you?

When you listen to your recorded voice, you get the feeling that you're hearing the voice of a stranger.

I have plans Saturday night.


Being told the news, she jumped for joy.