Look, there's a rabbit!


Can you please clean the board?

I did nothing unlawful.

Saiid took a lot of pictures when he was in Boston.


He asked our pardon for making a mistake.

I contacted Clarence yesterday afternoon.

She couldn't convince him to go home.

The keys, please.

Without your advice, I would have failed.

The actress murdered her lines.

He stayed there all the time.

I have two parakeets at home.

Mehrdad was really upset.


I want you to come to Boston with me.

I hear you're good at French.

The boy wears mittens during cold weather.

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He did what he could for his children.

A lot of trees grow in the countryside.

Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.

This dog is the biggest in this town.

Who listens to her?


He blew the deal.

The rain damped their spirits.

Piotr is still angry at Josip.

I don't know why they're doing this.

Who is the photographer?


This is how Scott and his men arrived at the South Pole.

Martin and Heinrich both glance at John.

You write a very good hand.

I'm not completely prepared for this.

I will work.

I know a man who speaks French.

Laurie is on the left.


Who broke that pane of glass?

That was really ugly.

Who's the top man here?

I like the Japanese custom of offering guests moist towels, called oshibori.

Don't you want me to keep it?

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Christmas falls on Monday this year.


That hurts! Stop it!


Lum got sick last weekend.

We spent three days in Baghdad.

You must get the job done before the deadline.

Danielle put the pot back on the stove.

Finish him off before he gets away.

You shouldn't have shown Tran the pictures.

It shrunk because I washed it.


Mix this powder with a cup of water.

It's me that Stephan is waiting for.

The reason Blair has to go to the bathroom so often is that she drinks ten cups of tea a day.


Do you like the movie?


You're in the good spot.


Kris is conceited, isn't he?


I never thought it would happen.


Pass me some socks, my feet are getting cold.

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It's all happening so fast.

John played cat and mouse with Dick.

Before eating it, cook the meat well.


I'd like to get the meeting started.

Roxane arrived in time.

Suresh didn't think he was good enough for Les.

Don't ever touch my things again.

Vietnamese is not a hard language to learn.

A book without preface is like a body without a soul.

You will progress in proportion to your abilities.

In the middle of the crowd I chanced to catch a sight of Madonna.

That cat is happy.

Please sit down for a moment.

I'm excited about going to Boston.

When they saw that they were losing, they gave up.

You're stronger than him.

I couldn't find my big blue dictionary. Where did you hide it?

He was born in a village near Tehran.

He is kind to those around him.

"Ombudsman" is one of the widely used words that have been borrowed from Swedish.

Christie pretended that he didn't know about what had happened.

When I was in Boston, I'd play tennis with Bradley quite often.

Where's the bus stop?

I want you with me.

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I wish my grandmother had seen it.

They put their two children's names down for school.

I just need some coffee.

The crowd struggled to make for the exit.

It is no joke.


I don't believe everything Cristopher tells me.


She was nowhere to be found.

There lived a pretty girl in the village.

Wherever you go, you will find the same kind of people.

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If it had not been for his wife, he would not have changed his job.

That's impressive. But you're not a Jedi yet.

Tobias seems to know all about Shamim's past.

Speak well of the dead.

One roll of color film, please.

I thought you were only angry with me and not with the rest of my family.

Nothing will excuse such an act.


This book has lots of pretty picures.


We have a package here for Nigel.


Although the proposal seemed like a good idea, they refused it.

There are still empty seats.

I hid under the table.

They're very tense.

Everything was perfectly normal.

We followed Clare.

We often use them as umbrellas or parasols.

The beer glass is almost bigger than you are.

I couldn't say anything.

We got caught in the storm.

Every day he says something different.

Anatoly tried to make friends with Paola.

The houses caught fire one after another.

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This store enjoys a geographical advantage.


Let's not waste any more time on this.

I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.

That horse may be a good bet.

Their progress was stopped by a wide river.

Nanda got exactly what he deserved.


Where was Raghu imprisoned?

This candy costs eighty cents.

He promised me he would come early.

Who's in charge of the sales section?

Those animals can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere.

Dan participated in the class play.

I didn't want to go with you.


He was jailed on trumped-up charges.

The jet plane took off in an instant.

When did Vern graduate?

Institutions mustn't tell lies.

They must really hate me.

My boyfriend refuses to use the microwave.

Weather permitting, I'll start tomorrow.


I've just been to the post office to buy some stamps.

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All the houses were shaking and alarms were ringing everywhere.

Nothing in Chinese cuisine has impressed me like Pu-Erh tea.

That's beautiful.

You used to have a crush on me, didn't you?

I didn't like him to come back home while I was sleeping.

Be kind to everyone.

Kristen isn't the man for the job.

The chief minister of Maharashtra is Devendra Fadnavis.

She could solve the problem with ease.


I'm sorry I'm calling you at work.

Don't try this at home.

Eileen won't have this job much longer.

It is important for you to learn a foreign language.

Kanthan came out of the closet at work.

I met my teacher on the street the other day.

My wife has no libido since she got pregnant. What can I do?

Jane is interested in flower arrangement.

Help finally arrived.

He has a complex about his weight.

Do you think Kimmo and Jurevis will ever get married?

Why did you tell Les before you told us?

She was surprised to hear the news.

I wish I'd never told Elisabeth about what happened.

I thought about you a lot.


I've been working on this for some time.


When does it start getting good?

I owe her for this.

Amedeo usually goes out at night.


Dan called the police to report an emergency.

We'd like to consider that.

If it were not raining, I would go fishing.

The summer was coming to an end.

She called, "Children, come downstairs."